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frontier nursing serviceAmerica’s First Rural Nurse-Midwife Service & School
There was a time when the average American woman was more likely to die from childbirth than from any other condition except tuberculosis. This was especially true in areas where hospitals and quality medical care was scarce to nonexistent. But in the rolling hills of eastern Kentucky, one woman devoted her life to changing those dismal figures. Her name was Mary Breckinridge and her goal was to establish the first rural nurse-midwife school and service in America. read more…
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PearlPearl, MD
After making a medical mistake that cost a mother and infant their lives, can a young independent woman find redemption at a time when society doesn’t trust female physicians? This was the dilemma for 19th century women doctors. The historical novel Pearl: MD explores the conflict women faced within the rigid roles set for them by 19th century society. The book’s themes are tolerance, forgiveness and the ability to face some of life’s toughest choicesread more…

Trooper Down - Life & Death on the Highway PatrolLife & Death on the Highway Patrol
Trooper Down is a series of police stories that give readers an inside look at the day-to-day lives of the men and women of the NC highway patrol. In the final chapters of the book, the terrifying events that surround the slaying of three police officers are described in detail, along with the manhunts that followed. These are police stories that are brought to life in vivid detail. Noted Washington columnist James J. Kilpatrick calls the book “remarkable” and the police stories “unforgettable.” read more…
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Flight for Life Cover ArtIn their own words – the life and death stories of America’s helicopter rescue teams
Told in their own words, the stories of Flight for Life crews offer a vivid, compelling testimony of what it’s like to be a helicopter pilot; a flight nurse; a paramedic, and even a patient offering and receiving hope; and defying death on every “Flight for Life.” read more…
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gifts from shane coverA True Story of Love and Loss
Readers of Gifts from Shane come to realize that from the greatest loss come gain, courage, renewal, and the ultimate ‚”gifts” that are left behind. read more…
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Ghostwritten by Marie Bartlett

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